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Video surveillance installation. Access control.

How efficient will be the complex program of server protection, if within just a moment it can be physically stolen from the office? What is the value in interconnected offices and in synchronized 1C system, if goods are still disappear from the warehouse? What is the reason to limit access to the internet, if employees are often late for their work? Familiar problems? It is relatively easy to resolve them. Enough to install video surveillance system and access control system.
Modern video surveillance solution is a flexible instrument, which allows to compile a solution, which suites your company best, based on choosing only required capabilities and not paying for unnecessary ones. So, when designing video surveillance systems, are taken into account a lot of factors, what allows to implement the video surveillance, which for 100% solves any task at any object, which is flexibly scaled and managed.
Access control systems (ACS), besides the control over the rooms, restriction the access for some of them (for example for server rooms) helping to analyze employee punctuality by storing in the journals information on time of arrival and leaving the work for lunch or at the end of the day.
Setup of ACS, together with installation of video surveillance, allowing to gain 100% control over office, ware house or the shop and on employees, working there. Joint use of these systems gives information not only about the card, which had been used to access somewhere, but who exactly used it. If the was a fact of usage of the card of other person. Combined use of video surveillance system and ACS allows to avoid situation, when one employee in the morning uses all the cards, basically fixing in the log the arrival to work of all the employees.
Designed to help the business ACS and video surveillance, fully adopting for it. Card readers and cameras have plenty of colors, what allowed to fit them into practically any interior, and use of WiFi video cameras allows to avoid putting the cables. In the same time installation of video phones will be a good addition to the secretary working place, who will be able to know who is ringing into the door bell and open it remotely.
The wide assortment of solvable tasks, solution flexibility and gained values are warranting the installation of video surveillance and ACS practically on any object.
  • Installation of video surveillance and ACS in the office.
    The most crowded place in the company, where work is always going on - this is the office. Exactly this makes them the most popular place, where companies install ACS and video surveillance. As our experience shows, the companies, who order installation of ACS and video surveillance in the office, are doing this in order to control the access to designated areas, to control employees working time, including automated extracts of worked hours to accounting systems and in order the control the office condition.
  • Installation of ACS and video surveillance at the warehouse.
    As the opposite the actively living office, the number of employees at the warehouse is lower. But bigger spaces required more attentive control. To the video surveillance systems which are installed at the warehouse are provided the higher requirements. Usually cameras have to provide color picture, work 24h a day and video registering systems must allow long time video storage. Video surveillance projects for the warehouses are always more expensive, because require the installation of larger number of cameras. Quite often their installation is constrained with the ceiling heights, absence of mounting places and the cable routes. These difficulties explain the level of popularity of wireless(wifi) video surveillance cameras.. As the opposite the installation of ACS goes faster and usually cheaper, because it requires smaller number of capabilities as well as ACS installation is not burdened by the need to withstand the design.
  • Open space installation of ACS and video surveillance.
    The installation of such systems on open spaces, is Установка подобных систем на открытых площадях, вне помещений demanded, usually in parking lots, at the entrance gate and in the zone of loading / unloading of the vehicles. The key challenge during installation of ACS and video surveillance in such conditions is the selection of the equipment and of the communication channels for installed cameras. ACS usage scope for complex security of open spaces rather modest and usually limited to the control of the door through which access is provided to this space, for example to the patio.
  • Installation of video surveillance at home.
    Your business is at full safety and generates revenue? It is the time to protect your own property. Install the video surveillance at home, at the garage and link the electronic lock with ACS. By doing this you always will know what happens at your home and close to it.
  • Installation of video surveillance and ACS at the shop.
    Feasibility of establishing a surveillance system and access control in a public place is obvious. Using access control and video surveillance, for example in the store, you will be able to secure the premises against accidental or intentional penetration of unauthorized persons, as well as to simplify the task of the guards, who will be able to control the protected object from one place. Moreover materials from the video system will be necessary to you in the event of a conflict with the client. You can always determine who was right and take appropriate measures.
Support and maintenance of video surveillance systems and ACS.
As a complex, multi-component systems, security systems need the competent and comprehensive support, otherwise they lose their purpose. Why do you need video surveillance, which does not store the file? Or why do you need the video system that does not have time to record an image from the cameras? Will help avoid any problems video surveillance and access control system professional service from our company.
We offer to our customers not only work to remedy the encountered problems, but also offering recommendations for improvement or expansion of security systems, without waiting for their failure. Our experience and knowledge allows us to select optimal solutions for all stages of implementation.