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Support and maintenance of the software

Maintenance and support of the software differs significantly from the maintenance and support of hardware due to the fact that it is usually more complex, requires knowledge of applicable technologies, focused on a specific subject or technology area. Also, the software may be licensed with a variety of licensing models - from a completely free software without warranties of any kind on the part of the authors up to fully proprietary software with the presence of a fully functional technical support from the manufacturer or distributor of the software.
Support and maintenance of the software as well as in the case of the hardware may include scheduled and unscheduled work. If with a planned work, things are more or less clear, then as unplanned work we highlight the following key types of work:
  • end user consulting;
  • setup, re setup, reconfiguration;
  • Crash Recovery;
  • backup or restore data;
  • research into the causes of errors in the logic of the software;
  • correction and development of the software;
According to the results of the discussion of the borders of our responsibility in the service contract, and depending on the required technologies to serve specific experts may be formed the cost of such services.

At the same time, in so many companies still remain previously developed and developing specialized systems or configurations for different platforms (own software). But not always cost-effective and quality have a full staff of IT professionals of different specialties for maintenance and support of the software. Gradually gaining the expertise in performing the role of external IT services for internal systems of its own design, we implement a partial or complete solution of tasks in the following areas:
  • development and maintenance of documentation for the own designed systems;
  • problem solving technical support for internal users;
  • administration;
  • acting as the IT department during development cycle
    • design;
    • testing;
    • documenting;
  • collection and management requirements for software;
  • independent control of third-party performers, implementing projects for you;
  • development and execution of plans of the design, development and decommissioning of software in your company.