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Maintenance and support of software and hardware

Maintenance and technical support is an integral part of usage practically of any business level software. Usually, only a simplest solutions like "calculator" can be used without a support. Having an IT people in a staff list, who supports your systems often is not a good way of resource usage, because IT is not your main activity and requires just time-to-time efforts of somebody.
The most wide spread way of decreasing the expenses on IT support is outsource such support tasks with specialized teams or either a separate professionals. We can offer you the solution, which can cover majority of your IT support needs and risks.

Our technical support services include 3 key directions, which all together can compose the integral support solutions for your business:
Support and maintenance for the hardware Support is available for various hardware, which can be used in your daily usage of IT. We support most of the user workplace equipment, which you are using in your premises. In addition to it we support your server or special equipment, network equipment, telephony equipment, which could be located as in your premises as in data-centers in the country of your place of business or abroad.
If your equipment is still on manufacturer guarantee, we help you to interact with the manufacturer or it's service centers in order to restore the equipment operation.
Together with the support we are performing documentation of your technical IT architecture and of all it's components, what gives you the transparency on how it is actually organized.
Support and maintenance for the software Software is the second component in the typical IT infrastructure. Together with hardware it requires support and maintenance. But the rules, how the software can be supported depending on the licensing models you use.
Support for your end users IT users support is also important. Especially in the situations, when the level of computer knowledge of the users is not so high in order to deal with modern systems and technologies. We offer some types of end user support models for typical computer software, which is used on workplaces.
Support and maintenance for video surveillance systems and access control systems Video surveillance and access control solutions should be integral part of your IT and overall security. For some locations we can offer implementation of new security solutions and support of existing ones.

We offer our services on mostly on a remote basis, which is completely enough for most of of support tasks.
Before we start, we agree with you main contract conditions:
  • Service Levels (SLA)
  • areas of our responsibility
  • remote and on-site support model
  • supported IT infrastructure components
  • supported IT systems and groups of users
  • number of guaranteed and extended support hours we provide our services to you
All these will allow to work out most optimal solution based on the correlation between the price and the covered area with the support.
The main support activities, which we usually provide are:
  • entire cycle of incident management
  • your users consulting and education
  • problem management
  • scheduled technical service operations

Let's compose your efficiency together!