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Support and maintenance of hardware

Technical support of a typical company may consist of multiple components located both in your own office or at your counterparty's office, in the data centers in one or more countries. But each component requires a technical support as scheduled and unscheduled works to ensure its smooth and reliable operation as long as possible.
Among the most common hardware components we highlight:
  • working PCs,laptops and connect equipment;
  • peripheral and office equipment;
  • server equipment;
  • systems and communications, telephony;
  • specialized protection systems;
For most of these components must perform common actions as stipulated by regulatory documents, by the manufacturer's recommendations or best practices in this area. Among these actions we highlight:
  • perform routine inspections in accordance with the requirements of;
  • perform routine procedures for servicing or replacing components;
  • Disaster Recovery;
  • repairs on their own, by the service center or manufacturer;
  • initial configuration or reconfiguration;
  • inventory records of all stages of the life cycle;
A substantial part of these procedures and problems can be solved remotely, and only a few require a physical presence on site of the technical IT specialist or require user training on how they must act in a given situation.

The situation in each company strictly individual as the composition of technical support, and cover of the tasks of maintenance and support by various internal and external responsible. In this regard, at the initial stage of cooperation, we work with you to define the boundaries of service and obligations of the parties. Already with this understanding is possible to evaluate the expected cost of labor and services.