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Installation and maintenance of structured cable networks (SCN)

Usage of structured cable networks (SCN) increases the efficiency of the business, gives wide range of capabilities and in many cases saves company budget. Overall SCN - is a system, which had been built based in hierarchy principles, it allows to quickly create a network with a lot of different services. For example:
  • compute, local network;
  • phone network;
  • security / video surveillance system;
  • fire alarm systems;
  • other services, in which your organization has a need.
On of the advantages of usage of SCN: each newly created system will be consistent, and it's components - interlinked.
What is is physically - such structured cable network?
These are not only cables and sockets. SCN - this is a set of passive communication equipment, which includes - patch panels, cabinets, racks and patch cords. The structure of "distribution", as maintained equipment spread throughout the room or around the building. Therefore, patch panels allow laid lines connected (switched) as necessary.

The requirements to the SCN and it's capabilities The modern SCN requirements:
  • transmission of signals of different types: both digital and analog;
  • integration: ensuring the work of all generations of networks and devices used;
  • ensure the necessary speed of signal and data transmission;
  • a central administration;
  • independence from data transfer protocols, ensuring the use of multiple protocols;
  • lower financial costs for maintenance and upgrade;
  • productivity availability.
Design and installation of SCN will allow for many years to forget that you need to constantly increase the power of a computer and other systems. Laid into it 10-40% margin, is expressed in an amount of reserved ports, sockets, as well as network equipment performance. The service life varies from 10 to 40 years - it depends on many subjective factors (operating conditions, the amount of equipment, etc.).
Equipment that serves SCN can be freely moved without changing its settings. Moreover - users are able to connect to the SCN at different points, and their credentials are not changed.
SCN administration is transparent and does not depend on specific employees, as created by us with accompanying of the documentation (the relevant state standards), has the necessary markings.

Installation services, design and maintenance of SCN
Our specialists will provide professional services from the initial stage - mount design and low-current network to the end - testing, warranty and post-warranty service. Our clients have only high quality and reliable network!