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Licensing of the software

Legal usage of computer programs is quite a specific area. From one hand a lot of software is used illegally. From the other - risks of illegal software usage are quite high. Having software been used completely legally in accordance with legislation facing problems as during buy-sell procedure and as during real software usage and accounting of it.
We offer a services for making the software been purchased and used legally. Within this services we support preparing and concluding buy-sell agreements, supporting proper accounting, providing software inventory services to reduce risks of problems because of illegal usage of the software by employees.
Investing into this today can save a lot of money and time tomorrow, when somebody will claim you, because you use software not properly, because your licence agreements do not suite legislation requirements or either because your internet site contains information, for which you don't have proper rights been established.
Concluded on the basis of sub-license contracts, we provide transfer of non-exclusive rights to use the software from the leading international and domestic manufacturers
  • Microsoft
  • Eset, Symantec, Kaspersky
  • Adobe
  • 1C Enterprise
  • and more
We provide delivery of software, perform software licensing for corporate licensing programs.
In addition to the need to purchase new software, there are often questions the legality of the use of existing software. We perform analysis of the existing legal documentation to verify compliance with license conditions and form a detailed final conclusion (audit of licensed software) provides a procedure to bring the legal and accounting records in accordance with legislation, carry out the collection of facts, evidence and interact with your suppliers in contentious situations.

Value your RISKS! And ask us to keep an eye on this stuff!