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CMS implementation and maintenance

One approach to organizing your own Internet representation - the use of content management systems (CMS). This is a class of IT systems that assumes the installation of CMS on hosting (it may be a shared hosting or either a dedicated servers farm). After that, the CMS becomes a "man in the middle" in the processing of all requests from the visitor's browsers to your Internet resource. The main tasks of CMS systems are usually classified as:
  • creation and management of site templates;
  • management of the virtual structure of the site;
  • management of business data stored in the database of the site;
  • receiving, analyzing and executing requests from visitors
    • analysis of the request and its correlation with the elements of the virtual structure of the site;
    • search and loading of the modules responsible for processing the request;
    • starting modules processing the request and receiving the results of their work;
    • analysis of the content of templates elements and substitution in then certain places with the results from the query processing modules;
    • the layout of the final result of a query;
    • sending result of a query on the visitor's browser;
  • control over the modules that are included into the functionality of the site;
  • perform other support tasks associated with managing of the site.
Our team of professionals is ready to help you in choosing the CMS system, to ensure its deployment in the selected hosting, to perform its configuration and integration of the layout of your website with CMS modules and perform all related works. As a result, you get a fully functioning solution and full management rights (access) to it. After starting your online resource, we are ready to carry out maintenance and development for you .