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Services and solutions

Providing flexible and specialized services - our core competencies! The modern world has hardly conceivable without information technologies that surround us everywhere: from a simple alarm clock in your smartphone that wakes us up in the mornings, up to giant distributed data center services, which many of us use as a service while looking for information on the Internet or reading the news, watching the video clip. These are just examples of technologies that we see on behalf of the user.
Inside it looks not so simple as typing the name of the site in the browser address bar. In order information technology benefit us, we need to build and use them, understanding what we want to get out of their use, what goals we want to achieve, which risks we want to reduce or efficacy of which of our business processes we want to improve. These seemingly simple questions are very complex, as soon as we begin to dive into the details and begin to see the full range of options, features and variations offered by modern IT sphere.
We work in order to help you to make better use of the whole variety of technologies in your company and to ensure their reliable operation and development in step with the times and with the changes in your needs.

Our services and products are divided into several groups, in which we have developed and tested over the years our competence. We invite you to explore our opportunities. If you have any questions or suggestions, always look forward to hearing from you.

Support and maintenance of existing IT systems Your IT infrastructure can consist of multiple components: the equipment in the office in London, Kiev or Moscow, work places in the representative in Switzerland or Cyprus, the server in a data center in Amsterdam, Google or Microsoft services from the cloud. Behind all these care should be taken to service, monitor, develop and to support the users of these technologies.

We offer a flexible model of cooperation and support up to the conclusion of a single contract and the definition of uniform SLA for your distributed IT infrastructure either internationally.
Record keeping and reporting preparation with the use of IT systems Performing of traditional accounting, tax and management accounting may initially seem quite simple, if we are talking about a small company, bred in the same jurisdiction. However, when it comes to the group of companies or international business, then there is no simple solutions to manage. Usually needed very creative approach in order to perform simultaneous implementation of all the objectives and characteristics of accounting within a single process.

Our experience allows us to offer you our services in the field of organizing, documenting and re-engineering processes, taking into account, the development of schemes and models of reference on various parallel accounting standards, unification of accounting analysts in various of your structures. At the same time, we provide implementation, support and development of individual IT solutions in this area that allows you to create an integrated approach to meeting the needs of all stakeholders of your accounting and reporting processes.
Information management and use of IT in accordance with applicable law The dynamics of the legislative framework in IT is quite clear in many countries and regions. In today's digital world, countries are forced to structure, formalize and even significantly tighten the requirements for the processing of information, its collection, storage, cross-border transmission, as well as requirements to information technologies .

We offer you our expertise in the areas at the interface between IT and law. This subject requires both the presence of legal knowledge and a clear understanding of how the reality constructed and operate IT systems, working with your information. The absence of at least one of the two components makes your business and your services are vulnerable to the challenges of today's global world, state control and regulation.
Your representation and work on the Internet Internet - it's certainly not our "everything". But it plays a significant role in modern life of active person, of active and growing company. Today the network offers many services of designers, programmers, web designers. But to get a tangible benefit from the opportunities of the global information space, a holistic approach is required in building your online solutions for internal or external use.Together with our partners we offer both types of services in this field: design, layout of, the introduction of CMS systems and creation of sites and services, as part of a unified work and development strategy of your IT systems.

Upon reaching a certain level home page of the company gradually transforms into a full-fledged channel of interaction between the company and its customers. At the same time, and the system requirements for the Internet transforms into a full-fledged IT requirements for the system, which requires compliance with the best practices of IT: the implementation of the development cycle - testing and deployment, centralized monitoring and support, scaling, alignment, and much more.
Specialized IT services Sometimes in IT there are situations in which you need innovative approaches to address them. For example, have a conflicts with IT suppliers, there is a suspicion of information leakage, there is a merger or division of the business, there is a need in the hidden "salvation" of information from possible damage, lack of transparency in the work of in-house IT specialists and many others are not typical situations.

We are ready to help you and resolve the way you want your tasks by providing an open or hidden IT audit, examination or project contract documents, independent analysis of the characteristics of IT solutions and many other activities, even at the international level, which allows you to achieve your goals in such situations.