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IT audit

IT audit may be necessary due to a number of factors or conditions: the presence of understanding of the importance of self-control and prevention of emergency situations, instead of correcting the consequences of their occurrence; the presence of contingency to the work of internal IT services, IT contractor, individual technologies; the emergence of the need for understanding the current state of IT in the enterprise or the preparation for future changes.
In these and in other cases, IT audit services will allow to collect information, analyze and draw conclusions from the analysis of the information collected, taking into account the specific objectives of the audit.
We distinguish the following:
  • types of IT audit: inspection, examination
  • IT audit methods: public, hidden
  • IT audit objects: hardware, software, business processes, internal and external documentation, information banks and databases, users of information technology
  • kinds of results IT Audit report on the revealed facts, analytical reports or evaluations, recommendations, plans
But still, the main thing in any auditing procedures - a clear definition of its purpose - that is, as to why it is held and what results the customer expects to achieve from it. This will form the requirements for depth of the audit and the results of its execution. This is exactly what we start from.

Each audit project purely unique and individual. Send us your inquiry and we will contact you to discuss the details of the audit.