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Consulting services

Consulting in the field of information technology - it's pretty broad concept. It includes a very wide range of services to assist in the preparation of regulatory documentation, organization of the implementing of IT solutions up to control of the IT strategy compilation and execution. The team of our experts and specialists of our partners in any case we will not be able to offer "all at once". However, we see our niche in some specialized services that we can offer you.
We offer work in different models depending on the requirements of the law and your needs:
  • consulting of your professionals and control how they perform certain actions, providing them with methodological assistance
  • the execution of the entire job, when based on harmonized requirements for the results we independently perform all necessary and we hand to you the finished documents, analytics, reports, drafts, impelemented IT system
  • performing hidden from unwanted persons work and provide ready-made conclusions or other consistent results
  • performs the role of a general contractor and organize the work of individual providers under direct contracts with you
  • participate in your projects in certain roles on a temporary basis. It may be the role of the analyst, engineer, technical writer, a specialist or expert.
Work can be carried out in different countries, and the results can be provided in several languages.