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Usage & Privacy policy
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Usage policy. Privacy policy.

Welcome on internet site, which is presenting to you the information about our company, it's services, offerings and additional information.
Usage of this web site is possible only on the conditions, which are specified in present Agreement. If you do not agree to these conditions, you have to leave the web site immediately. Continuing usage of the web site means your acceptance of the terms of present Agreement.

Terms and definitions

Web site operator – company Invicer, who owns all the exclusive and non exclusive rights on this site, domain name. Operator performs maintenance and administration of the site as on it’s own as using the services of third party contractors.
Site – internet resource, located at https://invicer.eu/, https://invicer.ru/, which contains of informational content, software, database, methods of presentation and structuring of the information.
User – any person or automated robot, who had passed registration (registered user) or had not passed it (unregistered user).
User profile – information about the user, which he had provided during registration. User profile does not allow to uniquely identify real person, who owns the profile and so does not contain identifying personal (private) data of the user. In case this is private person profile and private person requesting to withdraw template or module sales royalty or requesting a money return, then identifying private data will be requested from him (her) additionally.
Any terms and definitions, which are used in current agreements, but not reflected in current section will be interpreted based on their sense, arising from the agreement. In case of any dispute regarding the interpretation of the term and / or concepts used in the agreement, will apply the interpretation determined by the current legislation of the Republic of Estonia, the European Union or Russia (accordingly) or the operator of the site.

General provisions

Current agreement specifies the rules and conditions on the usage of the site as well as rules of publication of the information by the user on the site (when such capability is enabled).
Current agreement can be changed by the operator without special separate notification of the user. Current version of the agreement is always published on the web page https://invicer.eu/privacy/, https://invicer.ru/privacy/

Registration and authorization

In order to gain an access to all capabilities of the site the user is obliged to pass the registration procedure by using the special registration form and confirmation of his email address or by performing of the set of operations, allowing to the operator to perform the identifications of the user using external services.
The user agrees to provide true and accurate information about himself.
The user has the right to change previously provided information through special form on the site.
If operator has sufficient reasons to assume, that the user had provided incorrect in inaccurate information, the profile of such user can be blocked by the operator of the site until the end of the re-validation process or until the end of fixing of the information in the user profile.
Authorization on the site if performed using user email and password. Password is known only to the user himself and it is not stored in the operator’s databases. All the responsibility on keeping the password in secret is on the user.
Usage of credentials, which belong to other people is prohibited
Operator does not have the responsibility for the discrediting or damaging of user information, if this was the cause of non-compliance with the terms of this section by the user.

Private (personal) data

Operator collects the following private information:
  • email address;
  • random user alias (nick name);
  • country of residence or tax residence.
Operator does not have any intention and does not aim to identify user (private person) based on this information.
Information about user residence / tax residence can be used based on the legislation in order to calculate the indirect tax amounts, which should be applied, when the user uses paid services on the site.
Operator processes received private data based on the current legislation.

Site usage

User has the right to use the site only within the capabilities, which are officially presented on the site.
Any non authorized usage of the site using the methods, which are not officially presented to the users on the site and which are leading to the problems of the site operations or to the lower quality of the site operation are treated as current agreement violation.
The user has the right to publish information on the site in accordance with site theme and used capabilities, as well as based on current legislation.
When posting information on the site as well as when using information, received from the site the user can’t violate the rights of the site operator or the rights of the third parties, as well as perform other illegal actions.
In case of detection of violations by the user of the terms of this agreement the operator of the site shall be entitled to block user access to the site and its functions, as well as to apply to the competent authorities by passing them available to the site operator or provider to him information related to the operations of the user on the site (with site)
Site usage for payment

Operator has the right to collect payments for the access to particular information on the site as well as for the usage of particular site capabilities.
Information on rates and subscriptions is published on the site for all the users.
Registered user is entitles to:
  • perform the advance payment;
  • open the subscription or pick single - one time service
  • request for the return of not used part of previously made advance payment;
Services or access are provided only after payment and are valid during the period and on the conditions, specified together with the single one-time service or subscription.
In case postings made on the account based on present Agreement make it's balance negative - the site operator can limit some capabilities for the user. Site operator is obliged to provide any user's source information from it's databases to the user upon his request irrespective of current balance.
In order to restore the service level user is obliged to close the debt and make account balance not negative.
If negative balance remains for more than 6 months in a row the site operator is entitled to delete all user's data from his databases and cancel all used services. Such operation can't be cancelled.

Other provisions

The website operator shall take all feasible measures to ensure full and uninterrupted functioning of the site.
Operator may make a temporary (not more than 3 hours per week) suspension of access to the site for maintenance. In the absence of critical technical problems and exceptions operator provides services mainly at night (time zone of the European Union).
The website operator is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages to the user due using the site.
The user and the operator of the site will try to solve all the disputes between them and the dispute through negotiation. If you are unable to resolve disputes through negotiation, they shall be referred to the appropriate court at the location of the site operator.