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Cookies policy

Cookie usage policy

Last update: January 2015

1. When present policy is applied

Present policy is applied in relation to the cookie files, which are created and used by internet resources (sites, web sites), where operator is company Invicer, as well as in relation to the cookie files generated and used by third parties through web sites, where operator is company Invicer. When using the web sites, where operator is company Invicer, you give your acceptance with present policy in relation to the cookie files.
If you do not agree that we use cookie files, you have to perform proper setup of your web browser or do not use Invicer sites.
If you switch cookie, which we are using, support OFF, this can influence on your user experience on Invicer sites. Below in present policy are presented various types of cookie files, which are used on Invicer sites as well as purposes of their usage and the usage durations.

2. What is cookie file

File cookie is a small file or information fragment, which will be stored on your PC (or on other internet compatible devices such as smartphones, pads), when you visit the site. Such file type usually contains the name of the site, which was the origin of such file, “life duration” (for how long it will stay on the device) and the value, which is in most cases a random unique number.

3. Which types of cookie files do we use

On our sites we use two types of cookie files: temporary (or session) cookies and permanent cookies

Temporary cookie files are generated at first opening of any web site page in your internet browser and stored on your device. When you fully close all of the internet browser windows, which you used to access the site, such cookie files are automatically removed from your device.

Permanent cookie files are generated only when you perform some action on the web site. Files are stored on your device and removed only in the cases, when you explicitly decide to remove them using built-in internet browser capabilities.

4. How do we use cookie files

4.1We generate temporary cookie during first opening of any page of our site. This file contains randomly generated unique code, which allows us to distinguish requests coming to us from your internet browser from the requests, coming from other users and devices. If during our sites usage you make some changes in some settings (for example current language or current location or topic), we store your choice together with previously generated random code and use this information in order to show the pages of our site, which are dependent on this information.
4.2 We are generating permanent cookie files during authorization process on our sites. In such files contain randomly generated code, which is used by us in order to recognize you during next usage session of our web sites and make automatic setup of the settings, which you had during your previous session. If before session termination you perform a log-out operation, in this case previously generated permanent files are removed from your device, where you had performed a log-out.
4.3 On our web sites are generated temporary and permanent cookies by the Internet analytics system, which we are using – Google Analytics. Detailed information on which cookie files and how are generated and used can be read here.
4.4 On our web sites are generated temporary and permanent cookies by the social networks. The social network labels are presented at the bottom of the site. Please, refer to their official web sites in order to obtain their detailed cookie usage policies.